Israeli Embassy in Egypt Attacked, Ambassador and 80 Diplomats Evacuate to Israel

Friday’s violent clashes at the Israeli Embassy in Cairo continued into the night, leading to a particularly dramatic decision. Israel’s Ambassador to Egypt Yitzhak Levanon, some 80 diplomats, their family members and other Israeli staying in Cairo were transferred to the Egyptian capital’s airport in a secret operation, under tight security.

A special Israel Air Force flight returned the Israeli representatives to the Jewish state, where they landed early Saturday.

Another plane, carrying six security guards and embassy staff who were stranded in the embassy, landed in Israel several hours later. The evacuation of the six Israelis by an Egyptian commando force took place early Saturday with a live broadcast to the Foreign Ministry’s situation room in Jerusalem.

The six reportedly maintained their composure throughout the incident.

After the evacuation, Egyptian officials drove the six to the Cairo airport, where they boarded an IAF plane to Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the Israelis stranded in the embassy building three times overnight, praised them and promised to do all in his power to have them rescued safely.

“The mob attack on the Israeli Embassy in Egypt is a serious incident, but could have been worse had the rioters managed to get through the last door and hurt our people,” Netanyahu said after the rescue.

Read the rest of the story and view dramatic videos of the incident here:,7340,L-4120175,00.html


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