Netanyahu: We have right to work against ‘provocation flotilla’

Israel has the full right to work against attempts to prepare the ground for smuggling missiles, rockets and weapons into “Hamas’s terror enclave,” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Thursday night, in reference to the Gaza-bound flotilla that was still tied up in Greek ports.

“Sometimes we must not only fend off the physical attacks of our enemies, but also ward off the attack on our right to defend ourselves,” Netanyahu said in a speech to graduating cadets of the IAF pilots course at the Hatzerim Air Base near Beersheba.

“In this connection, I wish to thank the many world leaders – led by US and European leaders, the UN secretary- general and my friend Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou – who have spoken and acted recently against the provocation flotilla,” the prime minister continued.

Netanyahu characterized Hamas as a cruel enemy that “intentionally attacks our people and our children, and which has held Gilad Schalit in evil captivity for five years, against all international treaties and conventions.”  Read more.

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